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Altivolus Hawk
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Age 15 years
Height 4'9"
Weight 102 lbs
Gender Male
Species Shozoku no Urufu
Affiliation Cado Undecim
Previous Affiliation Shozoku no Urufu


Background Edit

Altivolus Hawk is the youngest member of the Cado Undecim, and the only member who has ever been recruited before he was in his 100s. Altivolus is the only perfectly calm member of the group, able to kill without any issue. He actually was recruited after killing the previous 8th member of the Cado Undecim, Haku Shiryoku, thus killing off the last member of the Cado Undecim with a Japanese name. Altivolus spent most of his life, not understanding why he existed. He has no previous memories of a family, or of anything since he was 10. He only remembers the smiling face of someone who he thinks may have taken care of him. After joining the Cado Undecim, he was partnered with Dementis Shredder.

Appearence Edit

Altivolus is surprisingly short at a height of 4'9". He constantly states that he is still growing, but many jokes are made about him from his partner, Dementis. He wears a white tank top with a dragon design on it, a black sleeveless cloak, black sleeves with partial nets on them, a red sash for a belt, and a blood-red scarf. He has spiky black hair, and red eyes, reflecting the blood that he has spilled.

Personality Edit