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Demon Lord Inari

Nihongo 稲荷
Romaji Inari
Meaning Inari
Biographical Information
Age Unknown

25 (appearance)

Status Alive
Occupation Demon Lord of Northern Lands
Physical Information
Species Kitsune daiyokai
Gender Male
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Weight 76 kg (167.6 lbs)
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Tan
Unnamed Hanyo (1st Wife)
Unnamed Hanyo (2nd Wife)
Unnamed Hanyo (3rd Wife)
Unnamed Demoness (Mate)
Maru (Daughter)
Daimaru (Son)
Ginmaru (Son)
Inari (稲荷, "Inari") is a powerful kitsune daiyokai, and he rules the northern lands. He is Maru's biological father, however, he abandoned Maru a few days after her birth. After the death of Inu no Taisho, he hears about his living daughters abilities and begins to search for.

Inari is a very cruel man, he is also very power hungry. After hearing of how powerful Maru is, he mates with several daihanyo in hopes of having more powerful children. He succeeds but they are nothing compared to Maru, his two sons, Daimaru and Ginmaru, are the result of his experiment.