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"Flower... Flower wither and lost their hue... Much like I reflect in vain... Time lost to the long rain..."
— Kanna


Name Kanna
Kanji 神無
Romanji Godless World
Birthdate December 7th
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height 4'8"
Classification Yōkai
Occupation Companion of Byakuren
Affiliation Byakuren
Family Naraku (Former "Father")
Powers and Gear
Weapons Yata no Kagami

Kanna (神無, Kanna), also known by her moniker of "Goddess of the Void" (無の女神, Mu no Megami), was a former detachment of Naraku, but was later killed in her battle with Inuyasha and his group. She was eventually revived, along with Byakuren by a RIA officer named Benkei.

Appearance Edit

Kanna is the first, and oldest, and longest-lived of the demons formed from Naraku’s detachments. Although she makes her appearance after Kagura in both the manga and anime, she was the first “child” Naraku spawned. Despite being oldest, she takes the form of a young girl. Appearing as a girl of about ten years of age, she has a blank, expressionless face and empty, black eyes. Kanna has long, straight white hair which she keeps white lilies in. She always wears a plain white kimono and matching sandals, and carries a small mirror which we’ll come back too. The total lack of color is supposed to be symbolic of her utter internal emptiness.

Personality Edit

Formed from Mu (無, Nothingness), Kanna has almost no sense of self, no emotions, no real interest in self determination, and no yoki or jaki. She also has almost no physical presence, makes little noise, and gives of no scent. As a result, characters such as Miroku, Inuyasha, or Koga who can detect enemies from their energy or scent have a very hard time detecting her.

After her rebirth and during her traveling with Byakuren, Kanna begins to show other emotions then loyalty such as content and happiness. She even has been seen smiling at few occasions, and claims Byakuren is the only one who has ever managed to fill up her "inner void".

History Edit

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Kanna's main weapon is her mirror, the Yata no Kagami (八咫鏡, Eight Span Mirror). Created from Naraku’s bones, it has several very powerful abilities. First off, it’s a scrying device that lets Kanna see what’s going on anyplace else. Secondly, it lets Kanna steal the soul of anyone looking into it. While a person’s soul is trapped in the mirror, Kanna is able to control them, as is Kagura using her “dance of the dead”. If the souls are released from the mirror they will return to their bodies, as was shown when Kagome forced Kanna to purge the mirror of souls to prevent it from shattering when she shot a Hama no Ya (spiritual purifying arrow) into it. The last ability that Kanna has shown with the mirror is the ability to reflect any attack back at her attacker. As a sort of "last resort", the mirror can also create a glass demon to copy the abilities of whatever it reflects, though Kanna herself suffers damage when the glass demon is wounded.

Quotes Edit

"Flowers Wither and lose thier hue;Much as I,Reflect in Vain Time lost to the long rain"

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