Novercalis Partis
Age 177 years
Height 5'8"
Weight 197 lbs
Gender Male
Species Shozoku no Urufu
Affiliation Cado Undecim
Previous Affiliation Shozoku no Urufu


Background Edit

Novercalis was a member of a coastal Shozoku no Urufu faction. He was infamous for his skills with 2 swords, and his extreme speed in the water. Unfortunately, he always was a bloodthirsty fighter, and challenged many, leading to rivalries between the different Shozoku no Urufu factions. He was eventually branded a criminal, and was to be sealed in Present Day Mt. Fuji. Unfortunatly, he escaped from the Shozoku authorities, and continued to kill to ease his blood-lust. After 20 years of wandering, he met up with Mizu Kuraihi, and has been in the Cado Undecim ever since.

Due to his lack of self control in killing others, Mizu had to split Novercalis' powers into two parts, in turn making Novercalis schizophrenic. Novercalis flips between a calm, annoyed version, and the bloodthirsty killer.

Appearence Edit

Novercalis wears a white coat, and white pants with black on the edges. He has soulless, yellow eyes, reflecting how many souls he has eliminated. He also has long, black hair, which is strangely rough.

Personality Edit

Novercalis is rude to all below him, especially Furta. He likes to fight against his fellow Cado Undecim, but he has been given multiple handicaps so his killer side doesn't arise.

Abilities Edit

  • Cruor Partis Vesica: (Blood Shark Blade) This is the name given to Novercalis' power where his hair spikes into a giant fin. The fin has such power and it is honed to the highest caliber that it is able to slice through a small forest, just from the vacuum wave created from it slashing through something.
  • Concero Partis Pungo: (Twin Shark Stab) This is the name of Novercalis' sword style. Details are unknown, since anyone who has faced this sword style has either died, or not speak of what they saw.