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Shinachiku Uzumaki

Biographical Information
Age 16 (appearance)

different ages when people drawing him (chronologically)

Status Alive
Occupation Leaf Village
Physical Information
Species human
Gender male
Height 152 cm (5'0")
Weight 47 kg (104 Ibs)
Eye color Green
Hair color yellow
Skin color Fair

Naruto Uzumaki (father)
Sakura Haruno (mother)
Hanami Uzumaki (Sister)
Boruto Uzumaki (narusaku fanon)

Team None
Loyalty not yet
Previous Alliliation
Team not yet


Loyalty not yet
Skills Information
Abilities Fighting
Weapons not yet

Uzumaki Shinachiku is currently the most popular child of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno in narusaku fandom.



Uzumaki Shinachiku is currently the most popular child of Naruto and Sakura.

His name originates from an interview with Kishimoto around the time Road to Ninja - The Naruto Movie was released. When asked what he would name Naruto's child:

F: If Naruto ever has a son what name will you give him?

Kish: If Naruto has a son what name hell have…hmm…I used to think Menma would be fine. people often jokingly asked me "Won't you start Menma when you finish Naruto?" "You should write about Naruto's son, Naruto the 2nd" or "Why not write Menma?" but now I used the name for the movie, that...ummmm…(the name of Naruto's son will be) Shinachiku* I guess.

(shinachiku is another name for menma, seasoned bamboo shoots)

"Shinachiku" and "Menma" mean the same thing Many Naruto fans, especially NaruSaku fans, decided to start using the name for fanon children, but the name never really took off. Most people favored names like "Minato" or "Jiraiya" for Naruto's first born son, and "Kushina" for his first born daughter.

When the final chapters were released, the name "Shinachiku" gained extreme popularity. Many NaruSaku fans collectively decided to use 'Shinachiku' as one of Naruto's children. Not all NaruSaku fans 100% agrees with the name, but it is very widely used. It is often stated that no one has ever seen a fanon character so widely accepted by an entire fandom.

Although Shinachiku has been drawn many different ways, his most common appearance is with Sakura's green eyes and hair a shade of blond. He has also appeared with blond hair and blue eyes, or red hair with green or blue eyes.

His personality also varies from person to person, but he's often described as being very similar to his grandfather, Minato Namikaze, but if appropriately provoked, his mother's temper.

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